What Sets Us Apart

  1. Experienced, flexible, and proven team
  2. Streamlined from compound selection to commercialization
  3. Accountability and transparency
  4. Comprehensive and scalable resources
  5. Strategically focused and message driven
  6. Validated processes and innovative technologies
  7. Deep and broad subject matter expertise
  8. Median team member experience: > 20 years
  • Jim Sergi

    Jim Sergi  

    President, CSSi LifeSciences™

  • Chris Trizna

    Chris Trizna  

    President, CSSi

  • Dinar Dhond

    Dinar Dhond  

    President, Nexus Informatics

  • Joan Breslin, PhD

    Joan Breslin  

    Medical Writer

  • Ron Bukowski

    Ron Bukowski  

    Senior Medical Director

  • Janice Cattano

    Janice Cattano  

    Senior Director,
    Medical Devices & Clinical Operations

  • Veronica Fuller

    Veronica Fuller  

    Clinical Research Associate

  • Ryan Haynes

    Ryan Haynes  

    Director, Clinical Research

  • Ken Kleinhenz

    Ken Kleinhenz  

    Vice President, Regulatory Affairs

  • Diane Markesich

    Diane Markesich  

    Director Preclinical Drug Discovery & Development

  • Heidi Nelson-Keherly

    Heidi Nelson-Keherly  

    Executive Director, Pre-Clinical Research

  • Kirtan Patel

    Kirtan Patel  

    Associate Business Manager

  • Arlene Posadas

    Arlene Posadas  

    Clinical Research Associate

  • Ken Rose

    Ken Rose  

    Director, Preclinical Research

  • Scott Silaika

    Scott Silaika  

    Vice President, Drug Development Services