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JPM 2024 Survival Guide

By CSSi LifeSciences Partnering Forum at J.P. Morgan Healthcare Conference

CSSi LifeSciences has developed this Survival Guide to help you maximize the number of meetings scheduled with investors and strategic licensing partners attending the J.P. Morgan Healthcare Conferences and there by increase your opportunities for success.

This Survival Guide outlines the 5 major steps to achieving success at a Partnering Conference:

1. Build a Comprehensive Partnering Profile

A comprehensive Partnering Profile is the primary interface between your company and the CSSi LifeSciences Partnering Forum. The Partnering Profile is used by investors and strategic drug and medical device companies to gather information about your company prior to accepting ameeting request. Your Partnering Profile should be brief and concise, and populated with the following fields:

Business Profile (“Elevator Pitch”)

The Business Profile consists of a 4-6 sentence description of your company, your product and what it does, and your needs regardingpartners and funding. It should serve as a brief introduction to your corporate entity.

Web and Email Addresses

Provide your email contact address and a URL linking to your company website, if one has been developed. Your email address should not be an academic account or a Gmail address. It is important to review your website to ensure that no medical claims or statements that have not been cleared or approved by the US FDA have been made..

Pitch Deck & Executive Summary

Include your investor presentation and executive summary attached as pdfs (avoid docx. or pptx. files), making it as easy as possible for investors to access and review these critical documents. The pitch deck should not exceed 10-12 slides: it should tell your story in brief using good narrative flow, serving primarily as a ‘teaser’.


Select the sector and sub-sector that best define your company, the indication you are targeting, and your lead product’s current stage of development. These filters serve to direct investors and strategic partners to companies that align with their funding or investor mandate.

Technology Overview

Provide a brief overview of the principal mechanism of action of your technology and the problem it will solve while
avoiding the release of confidential information. Remember, the US patent o ce recognizes first to file and not first to invent.

Supporting Data

Present a summary of the data that supports your current stage ofproduct development. Ensure that the data is easy to understand and is presented in an organized manner. It is critical to remember that some investors attending the CSSi LifeSciences Partnering Forum will not have a scientific background.

Alliances and Collaborations

Highlight any partnerships that you have formed with strategic partners (i.e., NIH, DOD, etc.). These partnerships provide investors with further validation of your data and/or product potential.

Current Financing Needs

Briefly summarize your financing goals to make it very easy for investors to understand your needs (i.e., Company X is striving to raise a $10M Series A with 20% committed). If you are seeking a strategic partnership or planning to license your technology, prepare an estimate of your financial needs that is as accurate as possible.

Current Investors

Identify those who have already invested in your company and the amount of capital that has been raised. This could be dilutive or non-dilutive funding to showcase past traction in attracting capital (i.e., $1.1MM convertible note from friends and family; and $2.5 MM NIH SBIR).


Provide a brief overview of the key milestones achieved to date (i.e., FDA Orphan Designation, FDA meeting, etc.) and a development plan with milestones you plan to achieve within the next 1-2 years. Investors want to know when they can expect a return on their investment.


Include a summary of your current IP portfolio (e.g., issued or pending), action dates, and future IP plans..

Management Team Highlights

Briefly convey why key members of your management team are uniquely positioned to grow and exit the company. Investors want to ensure that the management team is “bankable.”.

2. Develop your Executive Summary

The Executive Summary is one of the most important pieces of your company’s marketing collateral when conducting a global partnering campaign. The Executive Summary permits a deeper dive into your company’s history, technology, management team, and unique competitive advantage. The document (a pdf, not to exceed 2 pages) should be uploaded to your partnering profile and can also be attached to emails sent externally to investors. The information conveyed in the Executive Summary should be non-confidential.

3. Refine your Investor Pitch Deck

The Investor Pitch Deck is typically requested by investors or strategic partners as they select companies for scheduled meetings. A concise pitch deck that showcases key pieces of relevant information is essential to partnering success. Introductory pitch decks should be no longer than 10-12 slides of core information. The title of each slide should convey the key message of the slide.

Outlined below are some of the topics that should be covered in an introductory pitch deck:


Cover slide:

This slide, displaying your company logo, should provide corporate contact information (i.e., mobile, email, website address) and/or contact information for the main fundraising executive. Avoid info@ email addresses. Investors from outside the US may prefer your WhatsApp contact.

Summary slide:

Should be adapted from your elevator pitch to briefly highlight the key points regarding your company.

Unmet medical need:

State the problem or unmet medical need and the commercial opportunities.


Describe how your product solves the unmet medical need (i.e., your unique technology).


Describe how you are different from your competitors and describe your competitive hook. It is important to define if you are “First-in Class” or “Best-in-Class.”

Supporting Data:

Summarize the supporting data that defines your product, the mechanism of action, and the evidence the product is safe and e ective. It is essential that the amount of data presented is not overwhelming: only 3-4 slides are needed. Images and graphics should be used where possible.

Development timeline with milestones:

The current financing needs, the use of proceeds,and the timing must be clearly defined and realistic.

Corporate and Scientific Advisory Board:

Provide a summary of your corporate and scientific advisory boards. Highlight the Board’s proven experience in growing and successfully exiting other companies.


Thank the investor and again provide corporate contact information (i.e., mobilenumber, email, website address) or contact information for the main fundraising executive.

4. Craft your Meeting Request Message

A compelling message attached to the meeting request may be the first exposure investors and licensing partners have to your company, so making a positive first impression is essential. Therefore, it is vital to craft a concise message that cogently presents the investor with the key elements describing your company and your product, and why you are requesting a meeting. Make sure to avoid inundating the investor with an overwhelming amount of technical information and data.

Also, within the CSSi LifeSciences Partnering Forum platform, you should request meetings with as many potential investors and strategic partners that align with your company mission as possible.

5. Outline the Follow-up Strategy

Conducting appropriate and timely follow-up with potential investors and licensing partner targets is just as important as sending the initial meeting request. Follow-up emails serve to return the initial meeting request to the top of their inbox: it is entirely possible that the initial request was simply overlooked. Follow-up messages can be sent in the CSSi LifeSciences Partnering Forum platform and may include the following topics:
The number one in a purple circle

1st Follow-up:

Focus on your unique technology and competitive hook. For example:

Company name is a commercial stage University of XYZ spin-out with a portfolio of surgical and imaging technologies designed to deliver Empowered Patient Care with point-of-care ultrasound in new perioperative applications.

Company name’s initial technology is a dual-component system comprising an FDA-cleared bioabsorbable implant (name) and an FDA-cleared custom automated ultrasound (name) to detect post-operative vascular complications in reconstructive, transplant, and vascular surgeries prior to catastrophic surgical failures that represent a $2B annual market and cost hospitals $174,000 per instance. Company name is also developing pipeline products for angiography/surgical navigation and perfusion assessment.

Include your contact details and a Calendly link if you have one set up.

The number one in a purple circle

2nd Follow-up

Focus more on your market and the commercial opportunities available. For example:

Company name closed a $$$ venture round in early 2018, recently secured a $$$ NIH grant to pursue the XYZ market for the technology, confirmed ~$$$ in reimbursement for that market, and is now raising a $$$ round for commercial growth and accelerating pipeline product development. Company name is currently in negotiations with a potential lead and is evaluating other lead candidates and syndicate partners. We look forward to connecting with you.

Include your contact details and a Calendly link if you have one set up.

The number three in a purple circle

3rd Follow-up

Focus more on your motivated and qualified management team. For example:

Attempt to book a meeting with the target partner outside of the partnering platform and send them a hyperlink to your company’s website and investor presentation.

Include your contact details and a Calendly link if you have one set up.

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