Ernesto P. Chanona, Ph.D. Joins CSSi LifeSciences

January 5, 2021 – Ernesto P. Chanona, Ph.D. has joined CSSi LifeSciences as Director of Business Development.

As Director of Business Development at CSSi LifeSciences, his role will be to find opportunities by developing strategic partnerships with innovation hubs, incubators, entrepreneurs, government agencies, and academic researchers. Some of the company’s clients are overseas, so he will be contributing to the relationship management of their global government partners. Internally, he will be part of the marketing and operations teams, helping to shape the company’s message and helping to grow the business development department.

Ernesto is trained as a cancer immunologist and developed immunotherapies against colorectal cancer and melanoma at the National Cancer Institute. Prior to joining CSSi LifeSciences, he led the business development efforts, at the Maryland Department of Commerce, that catered to the recruitment, expansion, and export activities of Maryland’s biotechnology companies.

In his spare time, he teaches at the Center for Biotechnology Education at Johns Hopkins University. Ernesto holds an undergraduate degree in Biology from Johns Hopkins University and a Ph.D. in pharmacology from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

Jim Sergi, President, CSSi LifeSciences, says, “CSSi LifeSciences will continue to expand in 2021 and we are thrilled to have Ernesto at the helm of our business development efforts. He has built his career on delivering creative business solutions and garnering strong relationships throughout the industry. He brings a deep understanding of biotechnology and a commitment to building strategic partnerships that support our vision to help early-stage companies bring their innovations to market.”

About CSSi LifeSciences

CSSi LifeSciences is a global, innovative CRO and consulting group that specializes in advancing drugs and medical device technologies from discovery to commercialization. They offer customized solutions to propel life science technologies to market by mitigating risks, time, and cost, while increasing their client’s chances of success. Their insights, proven processes and strategic perspective deliver clear and actionable pathway to successful commercialization. Their integrated model provides optimum value-creation for early-stage and emerging growth companies.

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