Our experts can supplement your regulatory affairs division or serve as an extension of your company. Your regulatory path dictates the product development journey of your technology, beginning with the establishment of a sound regulatory strategy.

Your regulatory path from discovery to market.

Investor Readiness

Investor Readiness

Raising funds? We have the experience and knowledge that help our clients be investor-ready to raise capital or meet strategic partners to accelerate research discoveries to commercial success.


Advisory Board

Project Management

Our dedicated team is ready to help you accelerate your product to commercialization. Our fully integrated and problem-solving approach provides a cost-effective on-demand solution to achieve your goals.

Risk-Based Gap Assessments

U.S. Market Entry

We provide a comprehensive suite of customized services to help foreign life science companies transition to the US market and to understand the US FDA regulations and business practices.

Risk-Based Gap Assessments

Risk-Based Assessment

We can provide in-depth technical expertise for the assessment of your likelihood of success and return on investment.

Strategy and Planning

Commercial Support

Commercial support for early technology development is essential. We have a proven ecosystem of support services to advance your strategic objectives. Learn More

US Market Validation

Life Science Entrepreneurship

Learn to efficiently convert a research project into a commercial product through our Entrepreneurship Bootcamp. Our faculty covers investor preparedness, regulatory strategy, and IP protection, among other core pillars of commercial success.

Learn More About How Our Project Management Services Can Accelerate Your Process